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DUO : A film about the shared story of Léo Anguenot and Hugo Desgrippes

Hugo and Léo have been really close friends since their childhood. What brings them together? Their passion for sliding sport and more particularly for skiing. These sports have been practiced in their families for several generations; Hugo's grandfather was a water ski champion and Leo's parents were members of the French Alpine ski team.


Between Hugo and Léo it is, above all, a strong friendship with a common passion. They did not share the same school career, but they managed to organize their lives as teenagers according to their common passions: in the winter on the international alpine ski circuit, in the summer on the water practicing water skiing.


After a few years they focused on alpine ski racing. Hugo and Léo show us their life as high level athletes where doubts and sacrifices are part of their daily life.

The strong bond that unites Hugo and Léo allows them to reach new heights once they put their skis on.

See Duo at the High Five Festival on Saturday 01 October!


DUO film poster